Why Dr. Rick from the progressive commercials might look familiar.

NickiSwift, January 11th 2021

Let’s face it: Many TV watchers hate commercials. Largely due to the interruption of viewing, plenty of people view them as nothing more than a nuisance to tune out, turn off, or mute. (Some even switch to a paid streaming service to escape them.)

But, we must admit that, over the years, some commercials have captured our hearts and the national zeitgeist, whether for their humor or meaningful message, including the Budweiser frogs, Apple’s ominous 1984 ad, and Wendy’s iconic “Where’s the Beef?” spot. Some people even watch the Super Bowl just for the ads.

Companies spend millions trying to strike that perfect balance, so consumers notice, like, and remember an advertisement (and its message) long after it’s ended. And Progressive Insurance — known for the perky, red-haired associate Flo — has viewers of a certain age laugh in self-deprecation with a new advertising character: Dr. Rick. You might even say he’s giving Flo a run for her money. So who’s the man behind the character? Keep on reading to find out.

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