Sean McBride, CCO, on how agencies are hiring and retaining talent amid the ‘Great Resignation’

AdAge, March 16th 2022

Havas’ Arnold Worldwide launched its Institute for the Comedically Gifted residency program in June. The goal is to find comedy writers from non-traditional backgrounds.

“If there are lots of [working comics] that are more seasoned than someone I might find at an ad school,” who are working as stand-ups or trying to break into TV comedy writing, said Sean McBride, chief creative officer at Arnold. “Why wouldn’t we try to make freelancing or working with us part of what they do to make a living?”

Arnold, which counts Progressive Insurance among its clients, is known for its comedic ability, said McBride, noting that there isn’t a “natural training ground for funny in advertising” so he began to look for opportunities for talented humorists outside the ad business.

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