Progressive’s Dr. Rick Visits the Mall to Help Consumers Out of Lockdown

AdAge, June 23rd 2021

Progressive Insurance is launching two new spots today that put fictitious life coach Dr. Rick in a crowded airport and shopping mall where he helps consumers come out of lockdown—without becoming their parents. The new push targets young adults who might have fallen prey to “Parentamorphosis” during the pandemic.

“We saw the return to places like malls and airports as the perfect settings to showcase the campaign’s relevance and extendibility,” says Jeff Charney, Progressive’s chief marketing officer.

In the airport spot, the “doctor” suggests the use of virtual boarding passes as opposed to paper tickets, and offers crucial reminders such as, “We’re not going to point out our houses, landmarks or major highways during takeoff.” In the mall video, he chides a man about to purchase a shirt strikingly similar to the one he is already wearing: “Think a second , have we seen this shirt before?”

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