Progressive’s Dr. Rick Is Back to Keep Young Homeowners from Acting like Their Parents

Little Black Book, March 23rd 2022

Arnold Worldwide brings back everyone’s favourite fake doctor, Dr. Rick, to help keep young homeowners from acting like their parents. And with people starting to go back out in public again, there can be a lot of triggers. Places like the movies can be especially difficult. If you’ve ever found yourself whistling at the price of popcorn, Dr. Rick is here to help you go to the movies without becoming your parents.

And for those of you who discovered the joys of staying at home during the pandemic, Dr. Rick addresses that very home can be the epicenter of parental behaviors. Because if you see lawn ornaments as art or think it’s acceptable for the contents of your freezer to be more than a year old… this one’s for you. 

CCO Sean McBride comments: “With the world opening back up and people getting out of their house for the first time in long time, there’s been no one to check them on their behavior. For all they know, they could be fully acting like their parents. So, it’s a good time for Dr. Rick to get out there and remind them how they’re supposed to act. I’ll admit, I’ve been in my house for so long, I’m worried I’ve forgotten how this going out in public thing works.”

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