Paging Dr. Rick! Progressive blurs more lines between pop culture and insurance advertising

Fast Company, October 29th 2022

Progressive insurance has one of the most consistent advertising records thanks to its decade-long “Superstore” concept and the beloved character Flo. But over the course of the pandemic another brand character has caught on: Dr. Rick.

Dr. Rick is an expert in “parentamorphisis,” advising adults on how not to become their parents as major life responsibilities like owning a first home start to weigh them down. The brand came up with the idea of “parentamorphisis” back in 2016, after a year of research—which included consulting with real behavioral psychologists—that unearthed the insight that most people start to exhibit qualities of their parents after buying their first home. Dr. Rick’s first appearance was in a spot called “Group Session.”

Whether it was advising against wearing socks and sandals, talking to strangers at the airport, or giving unsolicited BBQ advice, in just six ads starting in April 2020, Dr. Rick has became a bona fide ad star. And now just in time for the holidays, he has a new book.

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