Live, laugh, loathe.

DAVIDReviews, January 18th 2021

US insurers Progressive continue their quest to save Millennials from turning into their parents in this entertaining commercial. The mission takes on more urgency in an age of social media-driven Covid denial and mass disinformation, but the ever-reassuring Dr Rick doesn’t seem too worried.

Indeed, his chill demeanour is what makes the humour in this ad so effective, as his laid-back life coach act assures audiences that breaking the fuddy-duddy cycle is possible. ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs and dad jokes are out, computer literacy and pronouncing unfamiliar words with care are in.

Director Martin Granger has struck a careful balance here, poking gentle fun at the older generation’s stereotypical traits without ever veering into mean-spiritedness. The film draws the audience into the joke, playing on the tacit understanding that it will soon be their turn to be mocked by their kids’ generation in the same manner.

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