‘Go Fund Yourself,’ Says Nomi Health in Biting Satire About Healthcare’s Problems

Muse by Clio, December 08th 2022

We’ve normalized crowdfunding to pay for medical procedures, which says a great deal about our healthcare system.

Nomi Health, a healthcare service provider that aims to lower healthcare costs by 30 percent, pokes fun at this very concept in its first ad campaign, “Go Fund Yourself.”

A 90-second satirical video, created by Arnold Worldwide, follows an out-of-touch healthcare exec describing how healthcare companies are fighting back against patients having a hard time paying for medical needs.

Appointment out of network? Go fund yourself. Pricey prescriptions? Go fund yourself. Copay on a colonoscopy? Bend over and go fund yourself where the sun don’t shine. The spot ends with a URL CTA and a smug grin from the exec.

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