Dr. Rick wants to stop you from becoming your parents

NY Post, May 27th 2022

It’s almost a given that you will, inevitably, say something that sounds just like one (or both) of your parents.

Dr. Rick is here to help.

He’s the world-renowned “Parenta-life Coach” with the mustache and sweater-vest who stars in those clever Progressive Insurance ads, dispensing tough-love wisdom to his clients who can’t stop themselves from imitating their mothers and fathers — whether it’s clapping at the end of a film (“No one who made the movie is here”), telling anyone who will listen about their morning (“You woke up early — no one cares”), stopping themselves from commenting on someone’s blue hair (“We all see it. We all see it.”) or correcting their placement of pillows on the couch (“If you have nowhere to sit, you have too many”).

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