Behind the Retro Glam Infomercial Celebrating 40 Years of the LGBTQ+ Charity BAGLY and Starring Drag Queen Jujubee

Little Black Book, December 03rd 2021

To celebrate its 40 years of existence (one year late thanks to Covid) and to fundraise for its initiatives for LGBTQ+ youth  in the Massachusetts area, Boston-based charity BAGLY has partnered with Arnold Worldwide to create the ‘Audacity Campaign’. 

Starring Rupaul’s Drag Race star Jujubee, the nostalgic and glamorous ‘80s TV style film showcases the work that BAGLY has done for Queer and LBGTQ+ youth throughout its existence and reminds people watching to not just donate, but to “live audaciously”. With glitter and vibrant colours popping out from every costume, prop and rainbow graphic, the spot uses its charm and campy humour to reach out to philanthropists who could be prospective donors for BAGLY’s causes. 

Alongside the audaciously charismatic Drag Queen Jujubee are Queer youth leaders and spokespeople from BAGLY, who share their own thoughts on how other members of the LGBTQ+ community can live audaciously.

Arnold Worldwide’s studio and integrated production director Michael Houston and VP, creative director Sara Goldsmith spoke with LBB’s Ben Conway about how they created the ‘80s glam vibe, what BAGLY’s work means to them and generating the most audacity possible with a small budget and tight schedule.

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