Arnold Worldwide’s CCO Reflects on 2022’s Super Bowl Ads

Little Black Book, February 15th 2022

Being an advertiser in 2022 is like being a parent to like 11 kids. It’s hard work, often there’s too much to keep track of, you wear sweat pants all the time and you barely see anyone or do anything cool anymore. And Super Bowl feels like the one night a year advertisers actually get a baby sitter, hit the town and get loose.

As such, I think there’s this impulse to try to jam as much into that one night as possible. To me, a lot of the work felt like it was trying to jam in a full year’s worth of fun and excitement into 30 seconds. Everything had three too many scenes. Everything featured a bloated grab-bag of mismatched celeb cameos. Everything felt like it was shot to be a 1:20 and then edited down to a :30.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the work felt desperate to surprise and entertain. That’s how we should always approach our work. I just think we need to balance it with simple ideas, simple execution, and great craft.

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