How Job Site Monster is Recasting Itself Following ‘The Great Resignation.’

AdAge, May 12th 2022

Job site is breaking a new campaign from Havas’ Arnold Worldwide—its first since 2019—positioning itself as a contemporary destination for job seekers in a world where “The Great Resignation” has changed what people value in looking for employment.

Monster, the job site launched in 1999, is looking to better align itself with new expectations from job seekers, particularly among millennials and members of Gen Z, who represent the majority of workers in the U.S. According to Monster’s Future of Work 2022 report, 43% of workers say having meaningful employment is essential when deciding their career.  

“There’s never been a better time” to help people find the right job for them, said Elliott Seaborn, global chief marketing officer at Monster. “What was acceptable two years ago and what employers were doing two years ago is not acceptable now,” he said, adding: “We’re all for that and we’re with [job seekers].”

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