AmeriSave releases two new spots with SMUGGLER

Shots, May 20th 2022

Creative agency, Arnold Worldwide, and AmeriSave Mortgage answer the question everyone wants to know in their newest campaign: How does Amerisave deliver such mortgage rates, time after time? The truth: who cares?

Leveraging a strategic duo of TV spots, produced by SMUGGLER, and TikTok influencers to reach an audience actively looking to buy a new home, consolidate their debt with a cash-out refinance, and be more financially literate, the spots showcase a self-awareness that most people are just looking for the best market rate.

Coworker Savings addresses debt consolidation and refinancing with a low mortgage rate form AmeriSave.

The Tour features the 90-day Lock and Shop programme where prospective home buyers can alleviate the stressors of a fluctuating interest rate by locking in a low mortgage rate for 90 days while shopping for a home.

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