AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation Cuts the Jargon for Latest Campaign

Little Black Book, November 09th 2021

To help bring AmeriSave’s seamless process to life and stand out from others in the lower mortgage rate space, Arnold created two creative campaigns: “It’s Just Low” focuses on the human truth that people really don’t care about how AmeriSave delivers low mortgage rates consistently – just that they do. And “Dreams You Can Buy” shows how you can put your money saved with a new mortgage with AmeriSave to good use – maybe… 

‘It’s Just Low’

In two spots, ‘Office’ and ‘Gym,’ we’re introduced to AmeriSave’s star employee, who comically provides customers every in-the-weeds detail they neither need nor want to know about how AmeriSave delivers such low mortgage rates time after time.

‘Dreams You Can Buy’

In ‘College’ and ‘Pool,’ AmeriSave shows amusing ways consumers can spend the money they saved from AmeriSave through entertaining, dream-like visual storytelling.

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