Advertising CEO George Sargent on the importance of storytelling, community and inclusion

Boston Business Journal, June 11th 2021

George Sargent is the CEO of both an advertising agency and a media company. He says Arnold is well suited to growth-oriented clients who believe the power of creativity to bring their brand to life, and allow that brand to penetrate culture. Though he only became CEO at Arnold a year and a half ago, he had been at Arnold’s sister company, Havas Media, for eight years and already had strong relationships with the leadership team there, so he hit the ground running. In the midst of the pandemic, he said the company is on track for 50% growth over last year. in an industry where company spending has been declining for years.

Despite the ever-increasing pace of change in our culture, Sargent says the success of Arnold and Havas Media hinges on one of the oldest and universal traits of society and the human species: storytelling.

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