"Reese's is putting a twist on a Summer Olympics campaign."

- AdAge


Do Summer Like a Winter Olympian

Olympic athletes and candy. Not exactly two peas in a pod. So when we had to find a way to connect Reese’s to the Summer Games, we sought out Olympians who can eat all the Reese’s they want in the summer: Winter Olympians. With the help of gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn, we showed everyone how fun the Summer Olympics can be when you “Do summer like a Winter Olympian.”

"The campaign is amazing, confident, witty, kind of like me."

- Lindsey Vonn (via ABC News)

Social Media

We conducted polls to unlock extended event scenes, posted event updates and social response GIFs, and even launched the Reese’s Pieces Cup through a Facebook Live video.

"Lindsey Vonn teams up with Reese's for Summer Olympics comedy."

- Lindsey Vonn (via ABC News)