"Arnold Worldwide confronts the issue with information rather than fear mongering."

- Campaign Live

Know Your Water

We built a Water Bar that served actual U.S. drinking water containing contaminants at levels considered safe by the government. Then we used footage of Water Bar customer reactions to make TV spots and a targeted social media campaign that drove people to KnowYourWater.com.



Water quality reports are complicated, so we developed an interactive tool called KnowYourWater.com to help people easily understand what’s in their water. By simply entering their location, people could follow their drinking water's journey from its local source, through treatment, and into their tap, while also learning about local contaminants and the importance of having the right water filter.

”Standards might be good enough for the government, (but) PUR (gives) consumers…the information they need to drink water that meets their own…standards.”

- Mediapost

Social Activation

As part of our "Know Your Water" campaign, this initiative uses the power of data visualization to present stark facts about the amount of drinking water contaminants the government considers safe.