Celebrating 150 years of making the same whiskey in a world where nothing stays the same.

Jack Daniel’s

Barrel Hunt

For the Jack Daniel Distillery’s 150th anniversary, we filled 150 authentic Jack Daniel’s barrels with prizes and hid them all over the world. Then we posted photos of each barrel’s location on Facebook. The catch? The photos showed what the hiding spots looked like many years ago. All to make the point that while the world has changed an awful lot in 150 years, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey hasn’t.

How it worked

Each hiding spot had four clues prepared for it. After posting the first clue, if no one found the barrel within a certain amount of time, we posted a second clue to make things a little easier. If that wasn’t enough, the third and fourth clues made it still easier. The vast majority of barrels were found with only the first clue.

"[The hunt] celebrates the distillery’s history and gives fans a chance to own a barrel and be forever linked to Jack Daniel’s."

- Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel's master distiller