More than 100,000 Americans have downloaded plans to print 3D weapons.

Arnold’s new PSA for Stop Handgun Violence

The fact that anyone with access to a 3D printer could potentially create a gun is alarming–especially as gun violence is already so high in the U.S. To create this video, we combined real 3D printed characters with CGI. We did this to show how each 3D printed weapon could bring us one step closer to another potential tragedy.

The biggest challenge was to find the right tone, visual, mood and narrative. The proposed scenario is extremely sensitive and dramatic, so we needed to spend the time to craft each piece of the scene, so they could all work together to reveal a compelling story that would draw the viewer in and hopefully encourage them to act against the proliferation of 3D printed weapons.

The piece will live on Stop Handgun Violence’s YouTube. The site allows viewers to email their congress people to drive action and advocate for legislation to ban 3D printed guns.