"Reese's shows how to respond when your product is compared to turds."

- PR Week
Reese's All Trees Are Beautiful

All Trees Are Beautiful

In December of 2015, Twitter users noticed something was off with their Reese’s Trees. They looked like turds. Blogs, news sites and even TV shows quickly picked up the story, officially making it a controversy. Our response? Spin the conversation by introducing a new injustice: tree shaming.


Social Response

This wasn't just a Twitter story. It made the jump to cable and even network television, creating a mass audience for the controversy‹, and for the response.

Once we saw the positive response to #AllTreesAreBeautiful, we kept the momentum going throughout the holiday season. It truly was the gift that kept on giving.

"Reese's Plays Off Wonky Peanut Butter Christmas Trees With Hilarious Response"

- E! Online