YouTube Shares Its Top 10 TrueView for Action Direct-Response Ads for 2019

David Cohen

Grammar may not come across as the most exciting topic, but it was compelling enough to drive an ad from grammar checking application Grammarly to the top spot on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard for its TrueView for Action direct-response ads for 2019.

TrueView for Action ads contain clickable elements that viewers can use to take actions such as visiting websites for more information or booking travel, and YouTube said they have been used by brands including AirbnbUnited Airlines and Vrbo.

Airbnb used YouTube TrueView for Action ads to push people to book sooner and drive consideration for its listings in Latin America, particularly Mexico, and Jess Tai, its digital media manager, connections and media activation, said in an email, “We found that the campaign not only drove a lift in consideration, but also in brand favorability and purchase intent,” adding that bookings rose 14% as a result of the campaign.

And United ran a campaign prompting travelers to book vacations directly via its website, finding that in just one month, 52% of its conversions attributable to the Google-owned video site were direct click-throughs from TrueView for Action ads.

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