Working Remote Is Going About as Well for Progressive’s Flo and Co. as It Is for You

Arnold, the brand's in-house team and the talent turned to iPhones and improv for new campaign from quarantine

On the whole, we’re starting to see the possibilities of what creative made in quarantine can look like. A few weeks ago, many agencies and brands held on to the sides of the boat, merely trying to navigate the rough waters of keeping work moving forward. The results were expectedly mixed, but this isn’t necessarily a time to be grousing about “the craft.” There will be plenty of time for that later.

However, Progressive and its longtime agency Arnold appear to have found a decent balance in addressing today’s new reality and some much-needed levity. Framed around—and appropriately titled—“Work from Home,” a series of three ads brings the brand’s core ad crew together in scenarios people are ruefully getting used to.

The best of the bunch is the one focused on video call tech issues. That’s likely the most common theme people working from home experience. It’s also the scenario that feels tailor-made for the actors’ improv chops, especially the brand’s hero, Flo (it would have been fun to see the outtakes on this one).


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