‘This is a tricky job for humans’: How Meredith used AI and contextual data to build Campbell’s a new campaign


by Kayleigh Barber

Meredith and Campbell’s have had an on-going advertising relationship for several years, but this recent iteration of the partnership included creating new technology built to use Meredith’s taxonomy database of contextual data about what the intentions of users who land on any given page. Because of that, the campaign didn’t require data about the individuals outside of their broad location.

“As the pandemic set in, advertisers looked for ways to get closer to their consumer—and to aggregate their own first party data,” said Bre Rosetti, chief strategy officer at Havas Media Boston + Arnold. “That’s always been critical, but it’s even more important at a time when people are developing new habits and trying new brands. Retailers who own their sales channel are better poised to manage the customer experience, inventory and pricing strategies.”

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