Due to a number of recent water crises, water quality has unfortunately become a hot topic in the U.S. Our water infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life, and throughout the country, our drinking water is undergoing many treatments and potentially collecting contaminants on its journey from the water’s source to our homes – unbeknownst to the people consuming it.

To cast light on the situation, PUR partnered with Arnold on a integrated marketing effort featuring national TV spots, online video, a digital experience and social media content, as part of their overarching “Water Should Be PUR” brand campaign. The initiative leverages cold-hard facts about government-allowable amounts of contaminants and the power of data visualization to engage and educate consumers on the current state of our drinking water and the journey it takes prior to reaching our faucets.

Core elements of the campaign include “The Water Bar” hidden camera films and KnowYourWater.com – an interactive experience that breaks down – in simple steps – the journey of our drinking water and what may be in it, based on data from local EPA water quality reports. 

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