New spots from Progressive’s ‘Parentamorphosis’ campaign highlight Progressive’s homeowner’s insurance in a funny way just in time for Halloween.

The campaign pokes fun at the idea that young adults will slowly morph into their parents after buying their first home. It aims to highlight Progressive’s insurance package.

The ‘Parentamorphosis’ campaign consists of two spots, ‘Restaurant’ and ‘Parentanormal Activity’. ‘Restaurant’ depicts a double date between two couples, one of the couples completely embarrassed by their friends’ parent-like behavior when discussing home and auto insurance. ‘Parentanormal Activity’ is set to an eerily-themed soundtrack and exhibits a husband’s bizarre behavior and obsession with talking about their insurance policy after the couple moves into their new home.

The latest in the Progressive series shows how Progressive and Arnold Worldwide have harnessed humor to drive home the company’s messaging and offerings.

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