Meet Yasmine Hamdy, ACD and Podcaster

Yasmine Hamdy, an Associate Creative Director in the Arnold New York office working on the Sanofi and Allergan accounts, recently created the “Meet The New Normal” podcast series, featuring women who have achieved leadership positions in male-dominated industries. We sat down with Yasmine to learn about the concept behind “Meet The New Normal,” the process she uses when recording a podcast, and her favorite podcasts to listen to.

How did “Meet The New Normal” come about?

YH: I’ve been following conversations on women in leadership and female career trends closely. It’s a topic that I live every day and has a direct impact on my future. I’ve found tremendous inspiration in hearing about successful women’s journeys. Creating this show became an opportunity for me to have a side project that I am passionate about. I wanted to create a platform where women can listen to stories of amazing women doing amazing things, despite the gender hurdles they continue to face; reminding the rest of us that we can get there too.

Are you planning on featuring guests from a variety of industries?

YH: Yes, that’s the plan. Every industry is different and every woman’s path to success is different. I am curious to learn about those differences. I also look forward to relating to what is familiar. At one point, I had thought about limiting the show to women in advertising, which is obviously the industry I’m most familiar with, but then I decided to open it up to other women out there. These conversations felt too important to narrow down to a single industry. With that said, I did start close to home with my first episode featuring Helayne Spivak, a pioneer ad woman and one of the most awarded creative directors to rise from the Madmen era. We had a great conversation.

Why a podcast and not a different type of medium?

YH: There’s a unique emotional connection that a listener has when listening to a podcast. When you’re listening to someone’s voice, you get a sense of their personality and their tone. It feels personal and intimate. I had contemplated making a blog, but a podcast just felt more suitable for the content I was creating.

Do you draw inspiration from other podcasts?

YH: “Design Matters,” hosted by Debbie Millman. Debbie interviews people not only in design, but also artists, writers, thinkers, and other influencers of contemporary culture. “TED Radio Hour”, “This American Life”, “On Being” and “Here’s The Thing” are also favorites of mine. I did also subscribe to Hillary Clinton’s podcast “With Her” when she was running. I hope she picks it back up one day.

How does the process of publishing a podcast episode work?

YH: It really depends on guests’ schedules. I have to find a way to work around that, but I record in Hangar Studios, a studio in Midtown Manhattan, so it’s not completely out of the way. I ask for an hour of the guest’s time. I let the sound engineer take a first pass at editing, he sends it my way, I make revisions, and then it’s out the door. All in all, the process takes about four to six weeks.

What’s the publishing schedule for “Meet The New Normal”?

YH: I’m hoping to have a new podcast published every few weeks. I want to make sure it’s done and done well. Quality over quantity is my philosophy, and I think listeners will appreciate that.

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