Meet Tiffany Lopinsky, Business Analyst and Boston Foodie

Tiffany Lopinsky, a Senior Analyst on our Busines Strategy and Analytics team, is also the person behind the @BostonFoodies Instagram account, which has 89k+ followers and features different restaurants in the Boston area. Whether you’re looking for your next date night spot or want to take your visiting parents for a delicious meal, @BostonFoodies has you covered. We sat down with her to find out the history of @BostonFoodies, the inspiration behind it, and Tiffany’s plan down the road.

What is your day job at Arnold?

TL: I work in the BS&A group. During my time at Arnold, I’ve worked on several different client accounts, as well as a few New Business pitches.

Who is @BostonFoodies?

TL: (laughter) It’s just me. I bring friends with me most of the time to have different dishes to include in photos. Some photos are actually just taken with my iPhone and those turn out really well. But I always bring my Digital SLR Camera with me as well, and snap away.

How did @BostonFoodies start?

TL: I started the Instagram account in the summer of 2014 because I had seen many food accounts that focused on New York restaurants and those experiences, but there weren’t a lot that centered around Boston. Instagram is a discovery tool that people use to find a restaurant for dinner or a birthday party, so I’m glad that being one the first people to provide that to users in Boston has worked out so well.

How were the first few months running the @BostonFoodies account?

TL: It was actually much easier at that time because I was still in college so I could leave for lunch or dinner and wasn’t on a rigid schedule. Now, as a full-time employee, I have to plan in advance when I’ll be able to visit a specific restaurant for a meal.

What keeps you doing this?

TL: I’m a foodie, in the sense that I think of food as art (but I do also enjoy eating it). Some people go to museums or galleries to view paintings or other works of art, and they appreciate the intricacies of what is in front of them. I think of food in the same way. I love food presentation, and the effort chefs put into each dish. I’ve been lucky to meet a few chefs, and most have phenomenal stories of how they got to where they are and how they’ve perfected recipes that were passed down from grandparents or other generations.

When did you know that you had struck gold with the creation of the @BostonFoodies account?

TL: When @BostonFoodies got to 10,000 followers, I started getting invited to restaurant events. When the account reached 20,000 followers, I was featured on WCVB’s Chronicle show so that was definitely a sign to me. But then the account kept growing, and @BostonFoodies was featured in The Boston Globe and Boston Magazine so I definitely knew I was onto something. It was thrilling.

How do you pick the restaurants that are featured on @BostonFoodies?

TL: Some places are just downright delicious every time I go, so those are simple to choose. Restaurants sometimes reach out to me to feature them on @BostonFoodies because of the account’s reach. I definitely like to visit spots that are Instagram-able, by which I mean that the food presentation or lighting in the venue will make for a nice Instagram, but I do like to feature a variety of different restaurants both in terms of cuisine type and location.

What are a few of your favorite restaurants?

TL: Most of my favorite places are in Cambridge – it’s the best for food. Alden and Harlow in Harvard Square is fantastic, Little Donkey in Central Square is great, too, and Bisq in Inman Square is also a top-notch restaurant.

How frequently do you post on @BostonFoodies?

TL: On an average work week, I post anywhere between three to four times, and sometimes even more if lunch and/or dinner on the weekends are included.

What are the future plans with @BostonFoodies?

TL: I want to keep going with it. It’s really fun to have it as a side project. I don’t have any plans to dedicate myself to it full-time, since I don’t want it to become an obligation or my livelihood. Creating and building original content that engages @BostonFoodies followers is something that I want to keep as a hobby.

Where else can viewers find @BostonFoodies?

TL: @BostonFoodies can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and also as a blog! On Instagram, I sometimes run contests and give away gift cards so that’s always fun, but the @BostonFoodies blog gives me a chance to include additional photos of specific meals or write-ups of the restaurant experience.

What have you learned from running @BostonFoodies?

TL: Being in the social media world has given me more context of what happens behind the scenes: thinking of how posts are part of bigger campaigns, how the perspective of a brand is different from the perspective of an influencer, or how to make content that remains relevant to followers. It’s been a whole new education for me, and I’ve loved every second of it.