Meet the Boston Summer 2016 Interns

Learn more about the 16 interns that joined the Arnold Boston team for the Summer 2016 Internship Session.

Akila Ananth – Business Strategy & Analytics


Akila is a total foodie. She loves cooking, eating and even dreams of opening her own restaurant someday. She also has a knack for inventing words—you can bet her dishes would have some very unique names.

Laura Bailey – Marketing


Laura’s photography skills are quite developed—she knows how to print photographs in a dark room. Want to impress her? Keep your car clean and bring her an infinite supply of cream cheese and bagels.

Crissy Cavallaro – Project Management


Crissy says that she often embarrasses herself by tripping in public. Despite being a clumsy walker, she’s an Irish step-dancer and jogging enthusiast. She has a cockatoo named Daisy, and they both would like to see the Bruins win a few more games next season.

Ethan Chapman – Integrated Production


Ethan lives life on the extreme side. He’s an accomplished athlete and even participated in the Junior Olympics as a Freestyle Skier. To add to the excitement, he’s exceptionally good at catching food in his mouth and can teach you how to sneak into concerts.

Molly Chisholm – Brand Planning


As an avid cyclist and aspiring teleportation pioneer, Molly looks for any excuse to travel—she spent the past semester in Portugal studying the language and eating pastries. She’s also a lover of cheese, both in block-form and cake-form.

Dan Esberg – Editor/Producer


Dan has a dirty left hand—he once touched CC Sabathia’s chest and hasn’t washed it since. An entertainer at heart, Dan spends his free time producing hip-hop beats and performing improv comedy. He can teach you to edit video and make beats, but don’t ask him to throw a Frisbee…

Jackson Lansbury – Marketing


Jackson is working in marketing this summer, but you could say he markets himself year-round with his witty Instagram captions. Although he’s an avid user of social media, he’s very protective of his intellectual property and despises when people screenshot him.

Meaghan Mahan – Marketing


Megan claims that she lacks hand-eye coordination, but she has enough to be an experienced camel and donkey rider. She’s also run two half-marathons, which is basically a marathon (but she’s too humble to say that). Ironically, she hates slow walkers.

Lexie Papadellis – Marketing


One time, Lexie fell down the stairs in the middle of a 300-person lecture. She survived unscathed, but she had to go spend a semester in Italy to avoid total embarrassment. And even though the pizza was fantastic, her favorite restaurant is none other than Massachusetts’ own Flatbread Company.

Nive Raghavan – Marketing


Nive’s kitchen skills may be lacking, but she’s proficient in using the microwave. She’s also an experienced binge-watcher and dancer. Just don’t drink milk out of the carton—she hates that.

Melissa Rodriguez – Art Direction


Melissa goes the extra mile to take care of herself. She loves to work out, collect recipes from fitness magazines and walk around town for hours. Her commitment to health is only broken by her specialty dish–homemade ravioli with thick mushroom bacon sauce.

Sherry Romanzi – Copywriting


Music is Sherry’s strong suit. She loves to compose and play all genres—she even sang in front of 20,000 people at the Kids’ Choice Awards when she was eight. Writing, knitting and cooking are also in her repertoire. Her weak spot? Anything math-related.

Carly Schwieters – Social & Content Systems


Carly has a love-hate relationship with four-wheeled vehicles. She can parallel park any type of car—but she might have trouble remembering where she parked. Her hobbies include traveling, eating brunch and traveling to eat brunch.

Matt Shoewalter – Copywriting


Matt grew up on a farm, as he says, “scooping poop and spreading love.” He’s a self-proclaimed pond hockey legend and even knows how to milk a cow—but don’t ask him to draw one. He’d rather paint you a word picture.

Matt Wyman – Marketing/Brand Experience


Matt is an adventurous guy—hiking and skiing are among his favorite hobbies. He spent the past semester studying in Ireland and he’s even been skydiving in the Swiss Alps. When it comes to food, he prefers the unhealthy (because nothing’s more daring than an artery-clogging meal).