Meet the Summer 2015 Boston Interns

Learn more about the 19 interns that joined the Arnold Boston team for the Summer Internship Session.

Grace Hargrave-Thomas

Grace is a student at the University of Michigan. She loves to museum hop, drink Arnold Palmers, and hang with friends. Grace spent the last semester in London!


Emily Waite – Marketing

Emily is a student at Emerson College. She loves to explore new parts of Boston and if you ever need a delicious pick-me-up, she has coffee barista skills!


Caroline Spencer – Marketing

Caroline is a student at Providence College. Caroline is a ballet dancer, and traveled to Disney World throughout high school to perform with her dance team.


Cheryl Faux – Planning

Cheryl is a student at Columbia College Chicago. If she could take a family member to prom it would be her pet snake, Waffle. She knows how to make a mean chili cheese bean dip. YUM!


Lauren Tracey – Brand Experience

Lauren is a student at Harvard University. She loves to row and is a member of the Women’s Varsity Rowing team at Harvard. She has also been known to dance like Beyonce.


Britton Stipetic – Design

Britton is a student at Mass College of Art and Design. He loves to cook! If Britton could time-travel, he would travel to the 50s and have a real malt and fries.


Britney Drotleff – Studio

Britney is a student at Florida State University. She loves music and making mix CDs. She also loves being a dancing queen *insert dancing girl emoji here*.


Ali Takahashi – Marketing

Ali is a student at Boston College. She is an avid biker, can do a split, and occasionally falls up stairs. If she could take a family member to prom it would be her dog, Wilson.


Kendal Coker – Creative

Kendal is a student at the University of Oklahoma. She loves to paint and draw. She can also make awesome spinach roll-ups…just ask her for her recipe!


Alfredo Salkeld – Creative

Alfredo is a student at the University of Central Florida. Fun fact: he has participated in a one-person flash mob while thousands watched, and he can unicycle!


Sarah Mooiweer – Marketing

Sarah is a student at the University of Pittsburgh. In her free time she likes to visit museums and try new restaurants. She can also rap the whole 1st verse of Eazy E’s “Eazy Duz It”…impressive!


Elizabeth Page – Business Strategy/Analytics

Elizabeth is a Masters student at Boston University. She loves to bake, make her own recipes, and travel… but hates when people stand on the left side of the escalator! She also has her boating license and enjoys game nights with friends.


Annie Papadellis – Creative

Annie is a Masters student at Boston University. Annie is super athletic; she played both soccer and ice hockey at Colby College/ She also has a passion for wood-carving and improv!


Lindsay Cecero – Creative

Lindsay is a student at VCU Brandcenter. She may not have the best hand-eye coordination, but she is great at whistling and wood burning!


Constanza Formoso – Agency Marketing/New Business

Constanza is a student at Boston University. She loves to sing and bake and her best dish is called “Brigadeiro” (a Brazilian dessert)!


Lindsey Cohen – Business Strategy/Analytics

Lindsey is a student at Vanderbilt University. She loves hanging with friends and going to sporting events. Lindsey can check Skydiving off her bucket list and makes tasty omelettes.


Jack Kaplan – Broadcast

Jack is a student at East Carolina University. He loves anything that involves the outdoors and he has even built a small cabin with his best friend.

Caroline Carew – Social & Content Systems

Caroline is a student at Providence College. She loves to travel and see new places. Last semester she visited 13 countries! Caroline knows how to surf and is weirdly good at parallel parking.

Connor Murphy – Social & Content Systems

Connor is a student at Syracuse University. He recently spent his last semester abroad in Australia, where he had the opportunity to live on a sailboat and travel around the Great Barrier Reef.