Meet the Fall 2015 Interns

Learn more about the 16 interns that joined the Arnold New York and Boston teams for the Fall Internship Session.


Matt Goral – Creative Technology

Matt is a graduate student in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. He considers himself a Tolkien Scholar.

Matt Goral

Jordy Mendez – Marketing

Jordy is a senior at Baruch College, where he is pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. One of his favorite hobbies is rock climbing.

Jordy Mendez

Faison Mitchell – Production

Faison graduated from Florida State University in May, with a Major in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for a delicious meal, Faison can cook you up a mean shrimp curry.

Faison Mitchell


Marion Baudier-Melon – Marketing

Marion is joining us from France this fall. She loves to cook and do yoga. She is also passionate about health lifestyles and has a wide knowledge of healthy eating and workouts.


Gillan Burke – Marketing

Gillian is a senior at Boston College who has an internship at the Fantastical under her belt. She enjoys watching foreign and indie films, and her biggest pet peeve is a disorganized room. If she could take a family member to prom, it would be her dog, Abby.


Laura Campbell – Marketing

Laura is currently a junior at Simmons College and has worked at a marketing agency specializing in web development. She is super passionate about health and wellness, and enjoys any restaurant that serves her favorite classic: spaghetti and meatballs.


Sara Cummings – Creative

Sara joins us from the University of Alabama, where she studies both Advertising and Psychology. Sara loves to go on road trips, and she lived in South Korea for two years. If she could have one wish, she would wish for a private plane to take her anywhere in the world.


Claire Dorwart – Art Buying/Broadcast Production

Claire is currently a junior at Boston University studying Film and Television. Claire used to be a competitive gymnast, but is terrible at basketball (she is 5’1″). She loves anything to do with the outdoors, and can make a mean whipped sweet potato soufflé.


Kelly Dowd – New Business/Agency Marketing

Kelly joins us as a senior from Boston College. Some of her hidden talents are playing tennis and water skiing, but she is terrible at whispering. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading and shopping.


Grace Lawlor – Marketing

Grace is currently a student at Endicott College. She is extremely good at playing checkers and trivia. She also loves old school Saturday Night Live and would have loved to work on the show in the ’70s.


Rachel Otero – Brand Experience

Rachel is currently a student at Simmons College. Rachel is really good with computers; she can completely take apart a Mac laptop and reassemble it! She also enjoys cosmetology, reading and writing.


Jordan Pories – Creative

Jordan is currently a student at Boston University. He has serious freestyle skills – he can rap for any amount of time about anything. Jordan loves shooting music videos, which is actually what got him into advertising.


Dylan Rapoport – Marketing

Dylan is a recent graduate of Clemson University where he was a Marketing major. Dylan has developed a basketball training aid to help players with their vertical jump, and he has the ability to quote great movies.


Emily Waite – Brand Planning

Emily is currently a student at Emerson College. She loves to sail and shop. She is also a good bartender and recommends Lolita’s for the best margaritas!


Nicole Wong – Business Strategy

Nicole is currently a student at Bentley University. Some of her hidden talents include playing tennis and singing. If you ever need help with your Outlook calendar, Nicole is your girl – she will make it look amazingly organized!


Dani Xong – Social & Content

Dani is a senior at Boston College studying Marketing and Information Systems. Dani plays the guitar and her favorite restaurant is Middle East (for the music!). She can also teach you to peel a banana the most efficient way possible!