Meet Nick Devine, Jr. Art Director

Nick has been at Arnold for two-plus years, but the Keg Thursdays torch was only recently passed down to him. Every week, he spends time searching, sampling, and choosing a different and/or unique beer for the whole company to enjoy.

“I was kind of elected. It was during the former Keg Thursday coordinator’s going away party at the keg one Thursday. She asked the group who was willing to take over. The group of people looked around and one person said, ‘Nick, you should do it!’ so I took on the responsibilities and haven’t looked back.”

On Monday mornings, Nicks sends the beer vendor a variety of options he spent time researching. Instead of giving the vendor a strict choice, Nick prefers to leave it up to chance and let the kegs fall where they may.

“I get to be surprised when the kegs show up on Thursdays — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I like surprises (winky face).”

Around 4P.M. every Thursday, Nick sends out an email to the whole agency informing them of the beers on tap, and also giving a brief description of what to expect. Included in every email is hand-drawn cartoon, which some employees believe resembles Ken Williams, a Sr. Business Manager at the agency.

In addition to having the role of Keg Thursday coordinator, Nick has also taken it upon himself to look after Arnie, the beer vending machine on the 8th floor. He considers stocking up Arnie to be “a whole different beast,” but is able to gauge what beers employees like the most and which he should order for the next time.

“Hard cider has become a staple in Arnie, along with a couple options of light beers. I really enjoy getting the “funky beers” for Arnie because employees are always amazed beers other than Coors and Yuengling actually exist.”

Nick believes that Keg Thursdays and Arnie promote a familial and relaxed setting — stories are shared, concepts get explained, and friends are reunited.

“Beer really does bring people together. On Thursday, as the weekend is about to commence, you’ll probably see creatives talking to finance folks, which would rarely happen in the wild. Thursdays are about coming together and socializing with great people. Everyone has a story to tell, and the best place to tell tell it is around a keg.”