Making travel more meaningful: Bre Rossetti, CSO, interviews Tripadvisor’s VP Global Advertising, Christine Maguire

The Marketing Society podcast

In this Marketing Society podcast, Bre Rossetti, Chief Strategy Officer of Arnold + Havas Media Boston is joined by Christine Maguire, VP of Global Advertising at Tripadvisor to chat about Tripadvisor’s role as a publisher and advertiser and what travel looks like in a post-COVID world.

The travel sector has been in a constant evolution this year and Tripadvisor is doing more with less, and using this crisis as a time for reinvention. Christine discusses the importance of health and safety for Tripadvisor, along with how they’ve made authenticity and delivering hope top priorities – shifting their focus toward searchability and inspiration for travelers. And while consumer behavior continues to shift, and the pandemic remains unpredictable, Tripadvisor is focused on how to deliver for travelers and their evolving needs.

This conversation discusses the shifts in business vs. leisure travel, the movement toward car ownership, the desire to escape to more rural areas and the resurgence of restaurants. Perhaps one of the most important takeaways for marketers: you have to keep things interesting during a pandemic – creativity must be injected into all you do.

While there are many things that have changed, some things will remain the same: travel will be about family, friends and new experiences. “Travel will come back,” Christine states, “it’s just a matter of when.”

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