Inc. Names Flo one of 10 Most Compelling Ad Campaigns of the Decade

Inc. names Progressive's "Flo" one of the "10 Most Compelling Ad Campaigns of the Decade."

On June 28, 2015, Inc. published a list of the “10 Most Compelling Ad Campaigns of the Decade” and commented on how ten different brands captured “the hearts and minds of their audiences, and went viral.”

Inc. featured Progressive’s “Flo” within the list, noting that Flo’s light tone, personality and ability to make insurance — a category that many consumers view as dull — feel “fresh and interesting” greatly contributes to the success of the campaign.

"The insight that made Progressive's commercial such a hit was in understanding the public perception of insurance companies as tiring, bureaucratic, and humorless. By upending this notion, Progressive set itself apart from its competition and now has the most popular advertising campaign in the insurance market."

Anna Guerrero, Inc.

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