Forbes: Pam Hamlin on the Reinvention of the AOR Model

On May 14, 2015, Forbes contributor Will Burns published an article featuring Arnold Global President Pam Hamlin, Alex Bogusky, David Lubars and Paul Schauder about the reinvention of the Agency of Record model.

Pam comments on potential issues with a “DIY AOR model”:

"Clients that move to a model where there this is no longer a LEAD or AOR agency will run into problems. And marketing/ advertising will suffer. It’s kind of like writing a book without an author……the risk is it becomes a bunch of chapters strung together without a compelling, engagement narrative!"

Read the article — “The Advertising ‘Agency Of Record’ Model Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Being Reinvented”  — to discover more thoughts on the future of the AOR model.