David Register on ARTcetera 2015

Like many creatives in advertising David Register, EVP, Group Creative Director, does something on the side – something without client influence and something, as it turns out, that has led to giving back to the community.

An avid photographer, David recently contributed a piece of his work, “Golden Gate,” to ARTcetera 2015, a contemporary art auction created to raise funds for the AIDS Action Committee. We sat down with David to pick his brain about ARTcetera and how his hobby has allowed him to give back and hone his craft as a creative.

How did you choose “Golden Gate” as your piece of work to contribute to ARTcetera?

DR: “Golden Gate” is one of my strongest photographs, so it was an easy choice. It’s an image that speaks to me, and being that it is a limited edition (only a dozen were printed and framed to be sold), I wanted it to be part of an auction for such a great cause.


(“Golden Gate” by David Register)

What feelings do you have about your work being auctioned off at ARTcetera?

DR: Excitement. Hopefully someone will choose my art to hang in their home and have a place for it. A hobby for me has not only added to someone’s art collection, but will also provide money for a charity, which is an added bonus.

Why do you think hobbies, yours being photography, are important for creatives?

DR: I think it’s necessary to be able to flex creative muscles that are not used in your day-to-day job and activities. Having a hobby like photography, painting, music or whatever it may be, can help to hone your craft and improve your all-around work. And if your hobby can give back to the community in some way, you’re really on to something meaningful.

Are you involved with other philanthropic or charity work outside of Arnold?

DR: It’s not exactly philanthropic in nature, but I teach concept classes – Option R – for students who are seeking to create a portfolio for advertising and creative jobs. Every time I teach, three to four of the spots in the class are provided free of charge to Arnold employees, so there’s that.

Do you foresee other Arnold employees becoming a part of ARTcetera in the future?

DR: Absolutely. There are some very talented individuals here at Arnold and I can see their work being part of one of these auctions in the coming years.

ARTcetera Boston 2015
Boston City Hall
October 3, 2015
7:30PM: Main Event and Silent Auction