Creative Work of the Week: Saucony wins the Super Bowl with sustainable message

Creative Time

Kyle O'Brien

The top vote-getting Super Bowl campaign featured in The Drum’s roundup of ads doesn’t feature any celebrities or funny sight gags. In fact, the only people to see the ad live had to be watching on Fox’s livestream of the game.

But Saucony’s spot touting its first biodegradable shoe made a big impression online as The Drum’s readers voted its sustainable messaging the Creative Work of the Week.

Sure, the on-air Super Bowl spots, like Bill Murray’s Jeep ad and Google’s touching ‘Loretta’ commercial, got more attention post-game, but the voters have spoken, and the running shoe company’s simple spot won out. Porche’s ‘The Heist’ came in a close second.

Saucony’s ad, ‘One Small Step’, shows a warehouse of used sneakers, which suddenly start rising in the air. A voice-over asks “What if the shoes we threw away, actually went away?” before announcing that the brand is developing its first biodegradable shoe, coming soon. It finishes with the statement, “It’s one small step towards reducing our footprint, for good.”

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