With an endless feed of TV shows, movies and news at our fingertips, we’ve become more connected to entertainment and celebrity culture than ever before. Everyone feels like a Hollywood insider, thanks to technology. And everyone feels entitled to share their opinions—especially on social media.

To bring this phenomenon to life, we turned the celebrity spokesman structure on its head. Our campaign subjected Paul Giamatti, an Academy Award-nominated actor, to the criticisms of an average suburban family of film buffs. Their know-it-all attitude, incessant judgment and obscure references embody the hyperconnected entertainment culture that technology facilitates. It’s show business in the information age, brought to you by CenturyLink.

The campaign, which launched on February 28, 2016, marked the first on-screen commercial appearance of Paul Giamatti. We supported TV spots online with extended, 60-second versions for distribution through social media. Both TV and online video launched around the Oscars ceremony at the height of the Hollywood awards season, dovetailing perfectly with our audience’s enthusiasm for film and celebrity news.

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