Carnival Launches “Wanderlust” Facebook Canvas Ad Unit

On December 7, 2015, Carnival Cruise Line and Arnold Worldwide launched a Facebook Canvas mobile-only ad unit. The mobile-only ad unit displays a combination of text, images, videos, and GIFs to create an experience that allows a user to engage with content by tapping, displaying the content in a similar style to the platform’s Instant Articles.

As the only cruise line participating in Facebook’s beta test, it was important to bring the experience of cruising to life on-screen. One of the biggest draws of a cruise vacation is getting to experience multiple destinations, excursions and experiences in a single trip; as such, Carnival’s Immersive Canvas allows a user to scroll seamlessly from port to port from the same unit. Given the highly visual and experiential nature of the format, the unit utilized a variety of dynamic photo and video footage to tap into the feeling of wanderlust that many vacation-seekers experience.

Arnold’s Carnival team worked closely with Facebook to “hack” functionality of the Canvas ad unit. By using things like tilt-to-pan functionality on a scuba-diving video, for example, one of Carnival’s excursions almost becomes a piece of augmented reality. For an audience who may be new to cruising, this type of immersive experience gives a unique, first-hand glimpse into what it’s like to take a Carnival Cruise vacation.

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