Carnival Launches “The Vista Effect” 360 Videos

For the debut of their newest and most innovative ship, the Carnival Vista, Carnival Cruise Line partnered with Arnold to bring the cruise liner’s never-before-seen features to life in a new way.

To help consumers feel the magic of the Carnival Vista’s breathtaking onboard views and open-sea experience, Arnold partnered with virtual reality production company Bipolar Id to create a 360 video campaign — “The Vista Effect” — featuring YouTube and Instagram star Zach King. Within the videos, King takes viewers on a tour of the ship and engages the audience through use of special effects, optical illusions, Easter egg hunts and magical sleight of hand tricks.

“The Vista Effect” 360 videos launched on Monday, October 3, and are being distributed via Facebook, YouTube, and This 360 video initiative is part of Carnival Cruise Line’s broader Carnival Vista marketing campaign – “A Brand New View” – which will continue to come to life in the coming weeks as the ship makes her arrival in the U.S.

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