Black-owned businesses promoted by Arnold + Havas Media Boston

The partnered Havas agencies created a special issue of This Month in Boston to raise awareness for these retail and professional businesses.

Elaine Underwood

Arnold + Havas Media Boston is dedicating the latest edition of This Month in Boston (TMIB), the agency’s passion project/service journalism round-up of local events, to focus exclusively on news about Black-owned businesses.

The agency, formed in April when the two Havas-owned entities announced an integrated leadership team, is using the occasion of August’s Black Business Month to urge support from readers. Arnold is collaborating on the issue with Black Owned Boston, which runs an active Instagram page of Black-owned businesses.

Ongoing social activism has put Black-owned businesses in the spotlight. Facebook announced last week that business owners who chose to identify their races could be flagged as Black-owned on its “Businesses Nearby” platform. The company is also awarding cash and ad-credit grants to Black business owners. The viral My Black Receipt campaign, which has people upload proof they shopped at a Black-owned company, has registered some $7.7 million in sales so far on its website.

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