Behind the Work: Save the Pangolins

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by Patricia Murphy

You may never have heard of a pangolin, but the creature is the most trafficked mammal on the planet. Sadly, pangolins are a massive target for opportunistic poachers, keen to make profit othe animals’ meat, skin and scales in various industries across the globeAstonishingly, one million of the threatened creatures are estimated to have fallen victim to cruel poachers throughout the last decade, with 195,000 pangolins killed in 2019 alone. Recognizing the tragic plight of the pangolin, Arnold, in collaboration with animation studio Zombie, developed a heartfelt film to shine a spotlight on illegal trafficking for their client World Wildlife Fund. 

The 60-second animated short movie stars ambitious pangolin Lin, who dreams of being the lead in his own motion picture to raise the profile of pangolins around the world. The final film, #SavethePangolins, is an endearing call out for support to help end pangolin trafficking.  

Jordan Colleran, Marketing Director of Arnold, said the project was motivated by research that suggested endangered animals which feature in films (for instance, Orca whales in 1993’s Free Willy) remain protected and supported. 

“We did some research on conservation and noticed that endangered species who were featured in film had a subsequent rocket-ship style trajectory to fame, which ultimately helps keep them protected – like pandas, and killer whales, for example,” she said. 

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