Arnold & ULTRA Partner on QA Testing Services

Arnold and ULTRA Testing – a New York-based technology company that provides high quality, highly responsive software testing services – have partnered to further guarantee excellence across the agency’s digital production projects.

Founded in 2012 by two MIT engineers, Art Shectman and Rajesh Anandan, ULTRA’s exceptional onshore teams include individuals with Asperger Syndrome and similar Autism Spectrum profiles who can have heightened abilities that are an exact match for software testing (e.g. pattern recognition, logical reasoning and tolerance for repetition). Today, ULTRA has team members in 12 states, 75% of whom are on the Autism Spectrum, and 100% of whom believe their differences make them better.

“Its a privilege for ULTRA to work alongside Arnold’s highly creative and capable team, and to help ensure the launch of mobile apps, websites and campaigns that meet their very high standards,” said Art Shectman, Co-founder of ULTRA Testing.

During Autism Awareness Month this April, Arnold is proud to support DifferentBetter, a campaign by ULTRA and their clients, partners and friends to celebrate atypical thinking and learning and neurodiverse talent.

Visit DifferentBetter to show your support for neurodiverse talent and help spread the word.