Arnold Launches Cross-Cultural Marketing Offering

The growing population of second and third-generation Hispanics who identify with the Latino culture – but speak English – has given birth to a new cross-cultural marketplace. Culture is trumping language. We recognize this cultural and economic impact and have evolved our Agency model to reflect today’s reality.

Our new agency model capitalizes on the opportunity for brands to connect at a deeper level with consumers. It’s a model that allows the injection of cultural insights from the start by having the right talent horizontally integrated across Marketing, Strategy and Creative to actively contribute to a client’s overall business, not just a portion of it. This eliminates redundancies associated with hiring both a General Market Agency and a Hispanic Agency and provides clients with increased efficiencies.

At last, clients who want to speak to the diversity of the marketplace can have one team developing programs that are built on truths that cross ethnic boundaries while leveraging cultural insights that are dialed up and down by channel. And while we can provide clients with in-language services for Hispanic media channels, our approach is designed to capture the full breadth of today’s US Hispanic market with work that is always anchored in culture, but with enough creativity to speak beyond it.

At Arnold we not doing Multicultural Marketing — we are simply Marketing to the New Mainstream.

For more information, please contact Managing Director, Growth Strategies, Christopher Campos:

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