Arnold Alumni Referral Program

Okay, it’s like this: we have jobs to fill. Lots of jobs. So we thought, tons of great people have worked for us and moved on, and they all have tons of talented friends – let’s ask them for referrals! But then we thought, “Why would they do that, though?” So THEN we thought, “We’ll give them money!” Do we still know you or what? 

Here’s how it works, presented in easy question-and-answer format:

Who qualifies for the bonus award?

Any former full-time employee of Arnold Worldwide.

When should I submit the referral?

Now. All referrals must be submitted by September 1, 2015, and must be hired within 2015.

How much is the bonus award?


How do I submit the referral?

Email Josh Janicek, our Director of Recruiting, directly at Your referral must be qualified, meaning that you have communicated with the candidate and qualified that they are interested in opportunities at Arnold.  

What positions are eligible?

Mid-level Art & Copy, Senior Art & Copy, ACD Art & Copy, CD Art & Copy, UX Designer, Senior UX Designer, Creative Technologist, Front-end Developer, Designer, Senior Designer, Business Strategy Manager, Senior Analyst, Senior Brand Planner, Brand Planning Director, Marketing Director

The fine print.

1. Participating alumni must email Josh directly to qualify. 

2. The New Hire must be employed with Arnold, and in good standing, 3 months from date of hire to receive payment.