AR Experience Highlights The Struggles Of The Working Poor

VR Scout

by Bobby Carlton

Here is some staggering and shocking data for you: 25% of the homeless population are actually hard-working people with full-time jobs. Sometimes known as the ‘working poor’, these individuals face the harsh reality of the rising cost of living all while their wage growth remains stagnant.

One of the strongest arguments for the use of AR and VR outside of gaming, is that it has the ability to be an empathy incubator, allowing users the opportunity to step into the shoes of another person. This could be someone of the opposite sex, a person with a disability, or someone with a different view than you. Through AR and VR, we finally have the ability to experience the world from various perspectives.

In an AR experience entitled “In Someone Else’s Shoes”, you get a glimpse of the life of ‘Jen,’ a 35-year-old full-time nurse’s assistant. Because of the high cost of rent, Jen lives in her car. Each day presents a new challenge that threatens her teetering financial situation; just one parking ticket or smashed window and Jen could find herself at the breaking point.

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