This Animated Pangolin Is Trying to Get Hollywood’s Attention

The World Wildlife Fund thinks the endangered mammal deserves a movie of its own

Minda Smiley

At first glance, the World Wildlife Fund’s latest campaign looks like a Pixar trailer—which is exactly the point.

The nonprofit recently collaborated with creative agency Arnold Worldwide to create Lin, an excitable animated pangolin with a lisp. In a 60-second video, Lin makes the case for why he should star in a movie and become famous.

Sadly, his reasoning is grim: According to the World Wildlife Fund, 195,000 pangolins were trafficked last year for their scales alone.

“Their skins are used in leather products, their meat is consumed as a delicacy in high-end restaurants in Asia and locally in Africa as bushmeat, and their scales are used in traditional medicine,” the World Wildlife Fund says on a microsite dedicated to saving pangolins. Six of the eight pangolin species are endangered, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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