The 21 Greatest NFL Players as Commercial Actors, Ranked

This group of gridiron greats also dominated the endorsement game

Mark St. Amant

So, the 2020 NFL season is off and running. The canned crowd noise and creepy fan cutouts are bizarre new twists. But the slew of branding work starring NFL players—skillfully (or not-so-skillfully) hocking everything from insurance to tech to tortilla chips to even more insurance—is quite familiar.

Which got me thinking: Who are the best NFL players-slash-actors?

It’s clearly not Joe Flacco. And it’s sure as hell not Jason Campbell, who managed to combine comatose “acting” with—bonus!—abject racism.

Rather, the following 21 greats—we picked 21 because the number 20 just sucks now (sorry, Barry Sanders)—comprise the Muse by Clio NFL All-Pro Acting Team™. But before kickoff, let’s first honor two former players who didn’t make the official cut, but arguably top them all …

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